One Very Important Thing You Must Know About Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be quite a process. Between realtors, open houses, legal documents, and preparing the house, it can seem like a daunting task. One important step that often surfaces at the last-minute is obtaining the claims history of your home.... The Rest Of The Story

What is the harm in saving money?

We all want to get a good deal. Some of my friends know that I am all about saving money. They even have standing jokes about my frugality. Yes, I get it…The buffalo hollered: Hilarious 😉 But I also understand that you have to get value for your money.... The Rest Of The Story

It’s inevitable that as you get older, the more costly it becomes to maintain your body in good health Here’s one bitter pill that’s really hard to swallow: doctor’s fees and medical bills tend to increase as we get older... The Rest Of The Story

Is your insurance policy being “Not’y”?

When a policy has a long list of what is not covered it doesn’t mean that you don’t want it. In fact they can be a way for you to save. If you feel that you don’t need a particular coverage then why pay for it? But what happens when you buy a policy that doesn’t cover something and then you make a change in life where you need the coverage? It might be time for a policy review. When you are reviewing your insurance policy there are several key things to go over. Here are key areas to focus on at least once per year to make sure that your protected based on how you are today not yesteryear.... The Rest Of The Story

Do you do this one trick to avoid a lapse in your insurance?

Have you ever inadvertently lapsed your insurance policy because you forgot to pay your premium? It happens. Did you know that you not only lose your policy and expose yourself to unnecessary risk but you also lose your discount plan? In fact some insurance companies can refuse to take your policy after you have had a break in insurance coverage.... The Rest Of The Story

Can an insurance policy marry another insurance policy?

Do you hate giving more money than you need to just to get the same service you would get if you paid less? Recently I posted about our Challenge where we aim to save clients $480 or more each year on their insurance. Here are some of the strategies we use to make that happen.... The Rest Of The Story

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Not all rose’s smell the same right? (trust me they don’t) The same is true for both insurance companies AND insurance agents, some just don’t pass the “sniff test”. Not all insurance companies want your particular type of business. They may be great at selling home insurance but even though they offer car insurance they don’t really want to sell it to everyone. Sometimes they tell you this right away (with their price) and then other times they seem like they like you (maybe even love you?) and then when you need to file a claim they scream, “I want a divorce!” And where was your agent in this. Did they know your whole situation and make sure that you were being offered the best choice from dozens of preferred insurance companies BEFORE you gave them your money. Sometimes yes (hey people change & sometimes insurance companies do too) but sadly most times no.... The Rest Of The Story

So we all remember what it is like when we were a teen right? That feeling of everything is being discovered by you for the first time. That excitement when we figure out we are never going to actually use Algebra in “real” life. And of course our first car. Some times we even named our cars. One thing we may not remember so well is the dread that our parents had about our first car. They may have been excited about us having an ability to cart ourselves around town but then the bill came for their insurance. DUN DUN DUNnnn!... The Rest Of The Story

In my business a personal recommendation is one of the biggest compliments that I can ever received. I have received awards from our insurance companies (usually attached to a bonus check I might add 😉 that do not compare to the pride I feel when someone takes the time to personally refer another to our agency. It happens often so I should get used to it but I will always be thankful and a little nervous.... The Rest Of The Story

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If you own an motorcycle then you now that there is still open roads and freedom to choose your own path in this country. You may not be aware though that not all insurance companies want to help you experience them. Some insurance companies say they can insure your 2 wheeled baby but when you look at their contract it is not a “real” motorcycle policy. The trick is to not only find an insurance policy that actually covers a motorcycle properly but to also find the insurance company that actually “likes” your particular type of motorcycle.... The Rest Of The Story