A Rose By Any Other Name…

Not all rose’s smell the same right? (trust me they don’t) The same is true for both insurance companies AND insurance agents, some just don’t pass the “sniff test”. Not all insurance companies want your particular type of business. They may be great at selling home insurance but even though they offer car insurance they don’t really want to sell it to everyone. Sometimes they tell you this right away (with their price) and then other times they seem like they like you (maybe even love you?) and then when you need to file a claim they scream, “I want a divorce!” And where was your agent in this. Did they know your whole situation and make sure that you were being offered the best choice from dozens of preferred insurance companies BEFORE you gave them your money. Sometimes yes (hey people change & sometimes insurance companies do too) but sadly most times no.

“Allow me to tell you about today’s specials…”

When you go to most restaurants you are going to have the best dining experience if you get some advice from your wait-person. This is because when they are great at their job they are able to lead you past any problem items on the menu. They after all know the items on the menu better than you possibly ever could including any special items. Why then would you not expect the same level of service from your agent (try the beef wellington by the way)? If you are not getting proper advice on your policy you very well could be ordering up yesterdays fish after it has been left out all night.

Do you live in a vacuum?

And it doesn’t stop there. How does your policy today stack up against your needs when you were 18? Our lives are constantly changing so of course your insurance policies must keep up. This makes sense right? I can hear your “duhs” from here but I am not short on stories of people getting married or moving to another home or even selling their car and getting¬† a new one and not telling their insurance company about these major life events. It happens and when it does potential claims in those cases are left in the gray area. Gray areas in an insurance policy is where I am confident the phrase ” I hate insurance companies, they never pay!” was born. We have a solution for our clients. It’s called the Policy Review. .

What can review do for you?

What is a Policy Review? It’s simple. Each policy is reviewed internally by our agents every time it renews.¬†Also, at least once a year we are on the phone with our insureds making sure that their protection matches up with their expectations in the event they need to file a claim. We not only check on our clients needs but we also make sure that the company we helped them select last time is still the best choice going forward. That is the power of #MoreChoices. If you don’t have an agent dedicated to helping you or if your agent is not part an independent agency you owe it to your self to call us and find out what the power of More can do for you. If you do then maybe you can know Jack (or at least get to know what he knows)…

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